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Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is one of the latest movements within psychology. It's focuses on happiness and steps to increase happiness levels. Being positive is heartfelt. It's genuine and you feel it within. It should not be confused with positive thinking. Being positive and thinking positive are not the same thing. Becoming more positive has to involve the head and the heart.

The positivity coaching I use is for people to experience the world more and to flourish. To do this we have to involve more of our mind and emotions. We need to look at how our mind functions if we wish to influence ourselves or others effectively, By creating a better environment in our mind. we can grow flowers instead of weeds. What we focus on grows.

I give advice on thinking styles and how they matter. Look at implicit and explicit memory, understanding that our mind is built from our experiences, and I counsel on neuro-plasticity and how we can change the neural pathways of our brain according to what we pay attention to.

"Neurons that wire together fire together"

I help people to amplify positive experiences from present and past through memory enhancement exercises and diary notes. Our current response to the world is based on the way we look at things and the filter we look through. This has all been hardwired into us over our lifetime.

"The mind is like an iceberg, most of it below the surface" Sigmund Freud

I coach people and help them to notice, savour and amplify positive experiences -- past, present or future. This will make deep lasting imprints on your mind. We also look at the psychology of happiness and explore the concept of flow.

The attitude of gratitude is known to have an impact on our emotions and emotional health. I counsel on ways to practice this and make it a new habit in your life. This enhances the quality of how we live which builds resilience, strength, happiness, contentment and a heartfelt peace within. We grow the positives and form new positive neural pathways in the brain. .

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